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Welcome to the first post on The Corked Owl!

This blog is for our family, friends, and fans. We hope you continue to join us as we discuss the merriment of wine, spirits, beer, food and the joys of being opposites. As in every family or group of people, it’s difficult to please everyone.

Vinny Sal and I are opposites.

Vinny Sal loves wine. I love scotch.

We are opposites in just about everything. Still we have been married for over 25 years. Here is but a snippet of how we are opposites.

Vinny Sal loves wine. I love a good scotch. Vinny Sal is the quiet domestic type. I am all about adventure and having a discussion with just about anyone. Okay, both of those things are reasonable, right?

On the topic of food, Vinny Sal loves to cook. I detest everything about cooking. He loves to season food, and I say leave all fruit off the meat including most of the herbs. “Just a little pepper, please.” Imagine a big Vinny Sal eye roll. He cleans the kitchen as he cooks. He says the kitchen explodes whenever I try my hand at cooking.

Obviously, since Vinny Sal does the cooking, he does the grocery shopping. I’ve been barred from accompanying him on his grocery excursions. He is a strict by the list kind of shopper and I am, “Oh, this looks good.” I also wander and leave the cart which means he must control the cart much like the television remote control. (Another Vinny Sal eye roll.) Speaking of television, he loves all the food and nerd channels and I like all the sports channels.

He’s a fall, winter season guy because he enjoys being indoors, cooking, holidays and I am a spring, summer person who enjoys being outside by Lake Michigan with warm, sunny temperatures. Another opposite tidbit, Vinny Sal must have the air conditioning and fans running at sub-zero temperature while I am huddled underneath a comforter in mid-July. I say, “Open up the windows and enjoy the fresh air! Humidity be damned!”

He prefers driving a car listening to NPR. I prefer driving my SUV in silence. When we are together, it is the vehicle that decides whether the radio blares or is turned off.

He enjoys rock, classical and opera music while I enjoy Prince, R&B and Motown.

My favorite color is blue. His favorite is the “dirt” palette.

Vinny Sal’s favorite pastime is golfing. My favorite pastimes are reading, writing and watching football… everysinglegame from preseason to the Super Bowl… college and professional. “Shush! The game is on.”

Three people we would invite to a dinner party.

Vinny Sal is a WWII buff. He would like to invite Adolf Hitler. “Are you kidding me??” I answered. “NO!”

Alternatively, he would choose President Abraham Lincoln, Leonardo da Vinci, and Queen Elizabeth I. (He loves that History Channel.) I would choose President Obama, so I could apologize to him for not voting for him in either election, Ernest Hemingway, my favorite author, and the Virgin Mother Mary.

What else is on the menu?

We will be having guest bloggers from time to time like our good friend, Nick. Nick claims to be a novice beer critic, but no one is a novice when a person is as passionate about sampling beers as Nick does while sitting on his back porch, grilling and yelling at his three rambunctious sons. Nick, who also hails from the Great State of Michigan, the home of over 200 craft beer breweries will be focusing on IPA’s. An IPA is an India Pale Ale known for its hoppy style in the broader category of pale ale beers. Hoppy, meaning the flowers of the hop plant that are used primarily as a flavoring and stabilizing agent in beer…. But more about that later. He’s also passionate about bourbon barrel aged stouts too.

Tastes, Trends and Tensions

The Corked Owl will be exploring the tastes, trends, and tensions with wine, spirits, and food. We are often asked our opinions (it’s actually Vinny Sal’s opinion) on wine and food pairings, wine and spirits tastings, vineyards around the world, and the what, why, where would he recommend (insert question topic here)?

Tensions come into play when opposites are gathered together. How to serve and enjoy the being together when everyone gathered has their own tastes and opinions. How do we navigate the differences and savor not only the beverage, the food, but the guest conversations too?

Also highlighted will be small businesses that cater to the topics, holiday festivities and crafts, and reviews on cookbooks, online sources, and more.


Our shared values and love for one another make everything work! Here’s to opposite attraction and great conversation!

Please, when enjoying your favorite alcohol beverage, remember to drink responsibly employ a designated driver for you and/or your guests. We want to see all of you right back here at The Corked Owl.

Your hosts,

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Vinny Sal & The Owl



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