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Welcome to The Corked Owl!

This site is all about wine, spirits, food, beer and most of all, fun! Vinny Sal, your host, and me, Sheri a/k/a The Corked Owl are opposites. Opposites in almost everything and that’s where the fun begins.

We will be exploring the trends, tastes, and tensions on each topic. We hope you will find the site informative and entertaining in our world of opposites. Most of all, if you drink, drink responsibly. Do NOT drink and drive!

Vinny Sal

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The host of The Corked Owl is Vinny Sal a/k/a Vincent S. Falzone. Vinny Sal has spent his entire 30 plus years in the food and wine industry employed by some of the best regional fine dining restaurants and the world’s best companies – Whole Foods, Terlato RNDC, and Deutsche Family Wine & Spirits. He’s traveled the world learning and presenting fine wine and spirits.

Vinny Sal loves wine!

Sheri L. Prielipp-Falzone

a/k/a The Owl

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I am Sheri L. Prielipp-Falzone. The Owl, that’s me, is an insomniac. By night, I am a blogger, writer, and poet. My blogs are The Blogging Owl, The Owl Poet and The Prayer Journals. By day, I have enjoyed a successful career in sales, marketing and building brands. Over the last 25 plus years, my day job titles have ranged from VP of Sales/Marketing to Business Owner to Cubicle Queen of Financial and Insurance Services.

I love scotch!

(Vinny Sal likes black and white photography, and I like color photography. So our son, bless his patient heart, gave us each what we wanted. Thank you, Leonardo!)

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The Corked Owl is dedicated to J. Larry Roberts, my mentor and friend who often called Vinny Sal and I, “The Bickersons” after the classic radio comedy show. He had hoped that Vinny Sal and I would do a blog together. Rest in peace, Mr. Roberts.